Hello there! I'm a cinematographer and camera operator based in Lisbon & São Paulo. ​​​​​​​
For the past 10 years, I've become passionate about narrative content. Shooting worldwide, I have the cultural & academic background necessary to face the challenges that every project brings and I'm not afraid of making bold decisions in order to tell a good story. 
Full list of works here.
Michele Diniz started taking pictures very early in her life, inspired by her parents who both worked as wedding photographers. 
In parallel with independent projects as still photographer and cinematographer, she started working as camera assistant during her bachelor's degree in Film Studies (Florianópolis, Brazil). After graduation in 2013, Michele attended the Advanced Cinematography workshop at Maine Media (USA), then moved to Rio and São Paulo, where she took part of several film and commercial productions in different camera roles. 
Between 2018 and 2020, Michele Diniz was a scholarship cinematographer student in Kino Eyes European MA (Portugal, Estonia, Scotland). Recently, she shot the short movie 'Terminal Happiness', which was selected in Camerimage Festival, respected for curating the best of cinematography art. 
2020 - Best Cinematography 48 hour challenge Lisbon (Food For Thought)
2020 - Official Selection Camerimage Festival (Terminal Happiness)
2020 - Best Documentary Cinematography Premio ABC (camera operator - Amazonia Groove)
2019 - Best Cinematography SXSW Festival (camera operator - Amazonia Groove)
2015 - Best Cinematography Short Films FAM Festival Audiovisual Mercosul (O voo da Borboleta)
2014 - 2nd best still series film photography Florianópolis Photography Marathon 

Brazilian Cinematography Association
Brazilian Collective of Female Cinematographers 
The International Collective of Female Cinematographers

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